Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Birchbox 2014

February Birchbox 2014

 I'll have to check out to see what other people got for the birchboxes this month.  I wasn't too happy with this month.  A big reason why I decided to join Birchbox was my January Ipsy bag sucked and January Birchbox had that cool velvet nail polish thing.  I know the items wouldn't be the same but really this sad excuse for a top coat just annoys me.  I can only hope next month will be better. 

  Really the only things I'm looking forward to is the Benefit eye cream and the OPI top coat (even though it's good for probably 2 uses).  I'm good with hair oil I don't really need samples of hair anything, it's never enough for my long hair.  The clothes deoder thing is just a joke, honestly.  The bath milk could be hit or miss.. I really only take baths when I have a headache or just had a long day so this item will have to wait for me to have a bad day lol.

I couldn't imagine actually buying any of these items full priced.  Thanks for checking out my blog.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chevron & Sparkle

I been really into doing multiple accent nails for a long time now (I haven't uploaded a new blog in over 6 months so it's been a while!).  I decided to do a post on these because they came out so cute and the chevron nail was very easy to do and it's almost perfect.  I had to link where I got them and where I heard about them also so everyone can be inspired.  Hope you enjoy!

 For the actual chevron (zig zag pattern) nail:
Sally Hansen "Black Out" (I used on top)
Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" (I used as the base)

 For the silver glitter nails I used these:
Sephora by OPI "Beam Me Up Hottie!" (on top)
Maybelline Color Show "Silver Gleam" (in between the two)
Wet n Wild "Silvivor" (as the main base)

For the non-accent nails I used a plain light pink and the top coat used:
Sephora by OPI "Tutu" (I used 3 coats)
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (used on all nails of coarse)

 The star of this whole nail look are these nail vinyls I got from
Her instagram you can find here.   She is constantly updating on new items and when she is back in stock on stuff so if you do decided to check out her store and order stuff you can check the IG for updates and what not.  Her store kind of blew up after Jewsie featured her vinyls on her IG so her prices knocked up just a little bit, though they are still affordable (I'm happy I got mind before the price increase)  I paid about $10 for four of these awesome sheets.
I originally saw Jewsie Nails feature these vinyls on her instagram and if your into simple cute designs I would say go ahead and follow her instagram and she also had a youtube channel here.

 So anyway!  I am making a video of me actually doing my nails on my youtube soon.  I wanted to just update this because it's been so long and I remember how much I use to love making posts.  It's really kind of boring and time consuming for me.  I prefer editing videos over typing and taking pictures.  Also it's a bitch working and moving around images to where I want them.  I hope you guys like this and thanks for checking out my post! xox